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Advocacy is an important function of the ABC and its nonprofit organizations.  Many members look to the ABC as their key advocacy program, while others have their own large policy shops.  Either way, the ABC is committed to staying abreast of brain and health related federal policy issues.  The ABC retains the services of Cavarocchi Ruscio Dennis Associates, a highly-respected DC firm, to help us with our policy needs. 

The ABC ensures our membership is adequately prepared to speak with members of Congress and their legislative staff.  We have created a toolkit to do just this, and provide up-to-date information for our members when conducting meetings and phone calls.  The ABC has created a White Paper that our members can use both as a handout to Members of Congress and to educate themselves about ABC's stance on key issues.  The White Paper succinctly lays out the issues at hand and what ABC hopes Congress will do to address the problem. 

The ABC relies on our Advocacy Committee, comprised of experts and passionate members dedicated to advancing the ABC’s policy agenda, to help us determine key legislative issues that ABC should be advocating for.  The Advocacy Committee brainstorms strategies and approaches and reports back to the Board of Directors. 

The ABC offers our members an on-line legislative action center, which allows members to easily contact their Senator or Member of Congress.   The ABC signs on to letters sent by like-minded coalitions or other organizations that might be coordinating an effort on a piece of legislation.  There are many coalitions consisting of other health advocacy or professional medical associations that circulate sign-on letters and ABC makes sure that its voice joins these other groups in a more powerful alliance. Along with endorsing these letters, we inform the membership about our decision and encourage them to sign-on and provide the contact information for the coalition coordinating the letters.


Neuroscience Caucus Organizer & Host

The bipartisan Congressional Neuroscience Caucus promotes a better understanding of how the brain develops, functions, and ages. Co-chaired by Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), the caucus seeks to raise awareness about the millions of Americans afflicted with neurological disorders or mental illnesses.

The American Brain Coalition has teamed up with the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus in hosting and  organizing events that focus on neuroscience: developing and promoting legislation that will further advance neuroscience research; sponsoring briefings and information sessions on neuroscience research and findings; collaborating with patient advocacy, physician, and research organizations to build awareness; and distributing congressional communications and information such as Dear Colleagues and Congressional Record statements. 


ABC Collaborates on Mental Health Blog Posts

Mental Health Research is Stagnant.  Here's Why. by Dr. Mark Rasenik, ABC Advocacy Committee Chair

To Heal Depression, We Have to Learn More About the Brain by Dr. William Porter, NIH


Golgi stained pyramidal cell. Courtesy of Laboratory of Quantitative Neuromorphology Department of Psychology Colorado College via Wikimedia Commons

Check out ABC's advocacy tools for use in your grassroots efforts!

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